Lichen Removed From Solar Panels

We will safely remove the lichen from your solar panels using a chemical approved by solar panel manufacturers. This will reduce hotspotting and the resulting cell damage.

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Bronze Lichen Visit


Single-visit lichen removal

£850.00 inc. VAT

  • Cherry picker access
  • Visual inspection
  • Chemical lichen removal & clean
  • Insurance-compliant reporting

Silver Lichen Package


Lichen removal with two follow up cleans. Follow-up cleans recommended to keep original lichen bloom at bay.

£1,080.00 inc. VAT

Initial deposit of £655.00

17x monthly payments of £25.00 thereafter

Saving £70.00 based on individual service price

  • Cherry picker access
  • Visual inspection
  • Chemical lichen removal & clean
  • Second solar panel clean 6-months later
  • Third solar panel clean 12-months later
  • Interest-free monthly payments

Gold Lichen Package


1x Lichen removal

1x standard clean 6-months later

3x annual solar panel cleans

(5x cleans total)

£1,320.00 inc. VAT

Initial payment of £570.00

30x monthly payments of £25.00 thereafter

Saving £80.00 on individual service price and protecting from future price increases for 3 years

  • Cherry picker access
  • Visual inspection
  • Chemical lichen removal & clean
  • Second solar panel clean 6-months later
  • 3x annual solar panel cleans thereafter
  • Insurance-compliant reporting after each visit
  • Interest-free monthly payments


"Thank you for your honest and professional service. A big thank you to Steve Williams for getting his hands dirty attaching the bird proofing. It has cemented my relationship with you and I am happy to promote your business." - P. Kidger, Sheffield.

“We are very pleased with Clean Solar Solutions.  We engaged them to remove lichen, clean and perform an electrical service the system.  The team worked effectively, efficiently and safely.  Our panels look like new. Thanks to all at CSS. -

A Lomax, Gloucester.

I have always found all members of CSS to be prompt, helpful and honest. The passion, commitment and dedication of their staff has enabled them to become recognised by the solar industry as the leader in their field." -

A. Hancock, Syzygy Consulting


How Do We Remove The Lichen?

We look to reach your solar panels by tower scaffolding or cherry picker wherever possible. We then apply a chemical to the solar panels, allow it to soak in, before removing the lichen with non-scratch plastic scrapers and rinsing the solar panels down with ultra-pure water.

Will Our Lichen Chemical Invalidate Your Solar Panel Warranty?

The majority of companies offering a lichen removal service will invalidate your warranty by using a lichen removal chemical not approved for use by your solar panel manufacturer. These chemicals can corrode the framework of your panels or discolour the glass. Our lichen removal chemical has been tested and approved for use by Renesola, Solarworld, Canadian Solar and others.

Will The Lichen Come Back?

When Will Our Prices Change?

Lichen does not grow on all solar panels. There will be a reason why it is growing on your panels. This could be a lack of cleaning and algae being allowed to grow and act as a symbiot for the lichen. Nearby oak trees or nearby farming activities are other reasons for lichen growth. If you've had lichen grow on your solar panels once, you need to have your solar panels professionally cleaned at least 12-monthly to stop it returning.

The only time that we will need to increase the cost is if your array cannot be accessed using standard tower scaffold or a cherry picker. An example may be if your solar panels are located above a conservatory. There may be an additional fee to cover fixed scaffolding, which will need to be discussed and agreed prior to any commitment on your part. We may request a photograph of your property to assess the correct access.